Marijuana Penny Stock Says Florida Promoter Over-Laurels Company

A Canadian medical marijuana branding company issued a rare rebuke to a Palm Beach County stock promoter after his newsletter reportedly caused its penny stock to spike in value. Toronto-based Green Hill Industries (OTCBB: GHIL), doing business as Ross’ Gold, said in a press release that it noticed unusually high trading of... more →
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Drug Delivery May Make Transformation in Light of Marijuana Economy

Drug delivery may forever be transformed in the U.S. now that pot is legal in some states. Panelists discussing the cannabis economy at a recent Milken Institute touted vaporizing devices as a more effective way to ingest medicine because it hits the bloodstream directly and bypasses the stomach. Vaporizing penicillin, for example... more →
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Ex-Police Chief Advises $1B Medical Pot Industry

The RCMP estimates the illegal marijuana market at more than $1 billion. The federal government is intent on destroying the sprawling cottage industry and replacing it with regulated, taxed commercial grow operations – creating huge business opportunities for early movers. Umbral Energy (TSX-V:UMB) is one of the companies moving... more →
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Cannabis Industry Goes Through Growing Stage, Not A Crisis

The regulatory action comes after the Financial Industry Regulation Authority (FINRA) issued an alert to investors in August 2013 warning about potential scams associated with marijuana-related stocks. Specifically, FINRA warned about the well-known ‘pump-and-dump’ scheme, in which, “fraudsters lure investors with aggressive,... more →
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All Medical Marijuana Firms Are Not Created Equal

The health case for cannabis is gaining support from doctors as prominent as Sanjay Gupta, the Emmy-award winning neurosurgeon and chief medical correspondent for CNN. In 2013 and earlier this year, Gupta co-produced two documentaries on the medical benefits of marijuana titled Weed and Weed 2. Increasing awareness of the benefits could... more →
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Two Medical Marijuana Stocks To Watch Out For In 2014

For analysts at Motley Fool, there are only two marijuana stocks to bet on despite the industry being risky  – the GW Pharmaceuticals and Medbox. These two companies showed impressive market caps and share prices higher than other companies. GW Pharmaceuticals is a British biopharma company which developed cannabis as... more →
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NY Senate Health Committee Okays Medical Marijuana Bill

Medical marijuana narrowly passed the Senate Health Committee — by one vote.  The issue still has to be taken up by the Finance Committee before it goes to the floor.   There are strong emotions on several fronts lighting up along the way. “I will be able to go to a pharmacy or a dispensary and get something for... more →
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SEC Issues Alert On Marijuana Company Investor

The SEC issued an investor alert today regarding marijuana-related investments. The alert noted that the SEC is receiving a growing number of investor complaints relating to  investments in marijuana companies. Pursuant to those complaints, the commission has issued temporary trading suspensions for the common stock of five different... more →
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