Bedrocan Cannabis Corp. (BED.V)

bedrocan_canada_logo_2502Bedrocan Cannabis Corp. is a global leader in producing medicinal cannabis. The strains it has produced have been used by over 15,000 patients in seven countries. Currently based in Canada and with a long track record in the industry, Bedrocan is the world’s only source of legally exported cannabis, and is one of only two suppliers of pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis.

Bedrocan Canada provides five varieties of cannabis, each with varying levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Both of these compounds are called cannabinoids, which are extracted from cannabis for medicinal uses. Bedrocan’s strains, particularly, are supplied to patients with conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis, epilepsy, anxiety, and depression.

The company imports its marijuana varieties from the Netherlands, and in Canada, it sells these varieties to patients at a per-gram flat-rate. It is looking to start producing varieties in Canada by 2015.

As a research-centered company, Bedrocan is not only licensed but also ISO 9001-rated. It is also authorized by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport, and had been contracted by this agency to produce cannabis strains for patients and researchers.

Bedrocan’s history goes way back to 1984, when it was Bedrocan BV, an indoor vegetable-grower in the Netherlands. In the late 1990s, it began growing medical-grade cannabis under federal license, and in 2011, it came to Canada. The Canadian startup Bedrocan Canada Inc was created, and it formed a joint venture with Bedrocan BV to establish Bedrocan Canada.

The company is currently traded in the TSXV market under the symbol BED.V, with a value of USD 38.25 M. Key executives are Marc Wayne, CEO and President; Michael Singer, CFO; H. Hamish Sutherland, COO; and Tjalling Erkelens, Chief Production Officer and CEO of Bedrocan BV.

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