Best Stocks To Buy These Days Include Medical Marijuana Stocks

One taps into the $160 billion cloud computing industry and Big Data at the same time. Another is from the booming cannabis market, which is now estimated to have “grown” to $2.57 billion in the United States. Yet another is a discounted buy in the social media industry – an exciting sector where multi-billion dollar IPOs (like Facebook’s $16 billion and Twitter’s $24.4 billion) have become commonplace. And three of these stocks are recommendations from Warren Buffett’s sweetheart sector.

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Money Morning’s Best Stocks to Buy NowMoney Morning Defense & Tech Specialist Michael A. Robinson told readers about the benefits of corporate spin-offs. By owning stock in the parent company, investors generally get shares in the spin-off automatically as special dividends, often tax-free. Robinson’s favorite spin-off play is still ripe for the picking: The parent company is a global leader in data storage products integral to cloud computing technology; the rumored spin-off would have one of the most sought-after Big Data analytics engines on the market, designed to run on any server, in any environment. And investors can still get in now, before the boom. An IPO is rumored to happen in the next few years – once it does, shares will be “bid to the sky.”

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