Breeding The Next Generation Of Medical Cannabis

A recent report by ArcView predicts that 14 more states are likely to legalize marijuana by 2018, spiking sales to $10.8 billion a year. One player in this sector which has recently popped up on many investors’ radars is BreedIT Corp. ( OTCQB:BRDT ) – an Israeli company established just a year ago with the aim of providing novel breeding technologies to marijuana growers.

BreedIT boasts an impressive team with decades of experience in agronomy, horticulture and plant genomics, whose members include Prof. Haim Rabinowitch – the inventor of the cherry tomato found on most supermarket shelves today, and Dr. Ben Zion Weiner – the ex-chief research officer of Teva Pharmaceuticals. BreedIT continues to make valuable additions to its core team and advisory board, with the latest being the celebrity Dr.

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