BreedIT Corp. (OTC:BRDT)

breeditBreedIT Corp is a technology firm that provides solutions to companies and groups in agriculture, including those in the marijuana industry. The firm, which has offices in the US and Israel, offers a flagship software for agro-breeders, and also partners with various plant-breeding institutions for research and development.

BreedIT’s premier product is the iBreedIT Intelligent Decision Support Software (IDSS). This software solution is a tool for plant-growers in the various aspects of cultivation, such as planning, research, analysis, management, and multi-party communication. For cannabis cultivators, the software can be used in fine-tuning marijuana plant strains, particularly in controlling pollination to induce various traits like aroma and cannabinoid levels.

The iBreedIT IDSS is custom-made by BreedIT Corp’s team of computer experts, plant breeders, and biologists. The company licenses and markets the system not only to commercial growers but also to aid organizations, especially in developing countries.

Aside from the iBreedIT, the company has other projects in research and development. In August 2014, BreedIT’s subsidiary in Israel, BreedIT Ltd, formed a joint venture with leading Israeli medical cannabis breeder Seach Ltd. They created the R&D outfit KanaboSeed Ltd, through which they began developing new cannabis strains. BreedIT also provides cultivation courses and software support to such academic units as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The origins of BreedIT Corp go as far back as 2010, when it started in Tel Aviv as an online gaming company called Progaming Platforms Corp. In 2013, it became BreedIT Corp, and today, it has offices in Rehovot (Israel) and New York.

BreedIT Corp is now listed in the US OTC market as BRDT, and is valued at $2,372,813 (as of July 27, 2015).

The company is led by Itschak Shrem, Chairman; Yoel Yogev, CEO; and Oded Gilboa, CFO. Alongside them are Erez Zino, Director; and Dr. Ben Zion Weiner, Vice Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board.

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