Business Outlaws Are Podcasters Changing the Game

BigMike loves big business. The nutrients titan is a self-made millionaire, coming up as an outlaw cannabis grower in the 1980s. One afternooon, BigMike and his organization fixer bud Chris Collins were chilling at the Marijuana Mansion. As they chatted, the duo was struck by the idea that, if only theyrsquo;d known at 20 what they know today, theyrsquo;d have gotten wealthy a whole lot earlier.

Collins is a business fixer, coach, and author. BigMike is a legend at the cannabis industry. They have a wealth of knowledge about how to earn money–and, importantly, how to enjoy themselves while doing it. In the course of their conversation at the mansion that day, the friends realized they wanted to share that knowledge with the next generation of moneymakers. The result: Business Outlaws, a podcast aimed at giving young people the mindset and tools needed to construct a business and amass a fortune.

Chatting with good-humored host Jamye Foxx, who weighs in with light-hearted, wry observations, BigMike and Collins go deep on topics like getting paid as a freelancer, what it means to be a leader, and how to keep a cool head in business deals. They interview moguls like advertising guru Jason Flaidlen and best boxing trainer Matt Baiamonte on what their habits are for success. The format is conversational and loose –BigMike and Collins swap tales about learning from their mistakes while quipping with Foxx about her ex-boyfriends. And it can get raw–i.e., there’s some swearing. The friends pride themselves on being unfiltered and opinionated while sharing what they’ve learned about hammering rules and breaking through norms to make millions.

Millenials are the biggest generation at the U.S. workforce, and they’re facing a fissured job market. Tools for success are incredibly important, as many millennials are choosing self-employment. The way to risk, how to get up after a stumble, how to define goals and make a business plan. Business Outlaws intends to reach those. BigMike and Collins aim to talk with game changers from all walks of life on the podcast. They’re down to assist young entrepreneurs get ahead, and they don’t want to be boring about it. New episodes of Business Outlaws on iTunes come out every Tuesday.

Published at Sat, 16 Jun 2018 16:30:48 +0000

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