Cannabis Farms Consumed By Wildfires in California

California wildfire

On Ray’s property, the Butte Fire, which covered more than 70,000 acres, burned roughly 500 homes and claimed two lives , took everything: The house where Ray and his brother lived, their parents cabin and all 99 of their marijuana plants — an entire seasons worth of work — which were just a few weeks from harvest. He spent $100,000 producing those plants but is reluctant to quantify the final value of the crops he lost, since assigning dollar amounts to marijuana is tricky business in California. Like all medical marijuana operations in the state, Bloom Farms is non-profit, which means it isn’t allowed to make a profit off the marijuana it grows.

Ray says the fire also consumed three other local farms from which his company sourced plants. All in all, he figures 100 or more total marijuana grows went up in flames in Calaveras County, a major cannabis growing region often overshadowed by the more prominent Emerald Triangle farther north.

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