California Restaurant Publicly Calls out Weed Dispensary Over Name

California Restaurant Publicly Calls out Weed Dispensary Over Name

Terry Letson, chef and one of the restaurant’s four owners, told media that the name of the cannabis delivery dispensary Napa Valley Fumé is causing confusion with his business.

“Now a significant part of the populace thinks we’re selling marijuana, which hasn’t gone over well,” Letson said.

“It’s a product that’s not mainstream,&rdquo.

“This restaurant has been Fumé Bistro for 16 years and in this community, we’re referred for brief,” Letson said. “So when they see Fumé out there on the front page of the paper, they assume it’s us distributing marijuana or delivering or selling. ”

Letson said that he hopes that the dispensary will come up with a way to clearly set both businesses.

“I encourage them to make some distinction with the name, so people aren’t confusing our merchandise with theirs,” he said.

‘An Incredible Burn’

Letson said that he and his partners worked hard to gain its reputation.

“To possess such controversy within our name is really detrimental,” he said.

Another owner of the Fumé Bistro, Sheri Debow, expressed her dismay at the circumstance.

“The whole thing is such an incredible burn,&rdquo. “It’s a bummer. ”

Letson told a local television station that he knows the dispensary use of the name.

Letson said that opinions on media indicated that some of the restaurant’s clients who confused the company with the dispensary were unhappy with the link that was perceived.

“there’s a percentage who said rsquo, we &;if they are going to sell marijuana, & rdquo re not going back to Fumé; said Letson.

“The problem is the confusion,&rdquo.

Letson said that he is not happy with the restaurant’s new affiliation with cannabis.

“Obviously I&rsquo not be affiliated with a dispensary and a company that’s selling products I don’t agree with,” said Letson.

The owners have acknowledged that they might have no legal recourse because they don’t have a trademark on the name.

“We can’t keep them from using the word fumé but we’d encourage them to put a tagline, to place another word — another description — and to disassociate us with the merchandise,” stated Leston.

Napa Valley Fumé’s CEO, eric Sklar, apologized when he learned of the situation, stating that he believed it would be short-lived.

“rsquo & We;re sorry if there is a little confusion. We don’t think it will last long,&rdquo.

Sklar fits the region ’ s viticultural heritage; and said the dispensary name & ldquo; is fantastic for rdquo & cannabis.

“Fumé is a name that has been utilized in Napa Valley ” Sklar said. It ’s a term that is common. ”

Sklar said the name seemed right to set apart his company .

“We hadn’t noticed any companies using it in our field,” he added. “We were very excited to use a name which seemed appropriate for us. ”

Napa Valley Fumé is a certified cannabis delivery located in Lake County, California. The business delivers through its affiliation with the internet cannabis and purchases its products from vendors. The dispensary accepts orders for shipping to addresses in almost all of Napa County.

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