Can I Bring Weed out of Canada?

Can I Bring Weed from Canada?

On October 17, 2018, Canada became just the second country in the world to legalize cannabis for adults. Now, anywhere within the borders of the 3.8 million square miles of land which makes Canada the second-largest country by area–in addition to being the nation with the highest prevalence of cannabis use–adults aged 18, and in some places 19, can legally buy, possess and consume weed. And if you aren’t one you’ve probably thought about taking a trip to see what life is like under legalization. Or should you’re already there, maybe you’re looking next to packaged bag and your boarding pass and asking yourself, “ can I bring weed from Canada? ”

It s a fantastic question. And one you might be considering if you’re travel back to a place where you can’t legally obtain cannabis, or if you’re a medical cannabis patient or caregiver, or just somebody who’s having difficulty gifting; or worse, tossing the weed you didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy before the end of your stay. Deep down, you already know what the answer is. But isn’t there some way, any manner, you can bring this amazing, legal weed from Canada? Back home to your destination, or on with you?

Can I Bring Weed from Canada if Cannabis Is Legal at My Destination?

Your first thought might be, if you happen to live at a U.S. state with legalized cannabis, that you must certainly have the ability to bring weed from Canada and back to your home in Oregon or Vermont. Weed is legal in Canada; weed is legal where you live.

The border, obviously! And now you’re remembering how the U.S. government feels about cannabis. Oh yeah, it considers “marihuana” a Schedule I controlled substance. Bringing it across a national border into the U.S. is super prohibited , even it it is lawful on both sides of the border.

Can I Bring Weed from Canada when I’m a Medical Cannabis Patient?

I have all the necessary paperwork and documentation use where I live and where I m traveling and to show I am exempt from laws prohibiting cannabis possession. Ibring these buds in my carry-on and go ahead.

Nope. Problem. We ruled out america due to the federal prohibition thing that was whole. Where medical cannabis is legal but maybe you live somewhere in Europe or South America. Can you bring weed you eagerly ask?

Territory or each country has the right to say everything depart or can enter through its borders. But even if your destination allows you to enter with medical cannabis, Canada won’t let you exit with it. Whether legalized or decriminalized at one’s destination, Canadian law prohibits anyone from leaving the country.

Can I Bring Weed from Canada when I’m Returning to Canada?

Maybe you’re taking a little weekend getaway; a short round-trip flight. You ll be outside of Canada for 72 hours. Can you bring your stash with you then, to ensure you enjoy to the fullest? No. We had to say it twice because doing Canada ’ would break s legislation as several times: once when you leave the country and after when you return.

Can I Bring Weed from Canada if I Hide It Really Well or Bake It Into a Cookie?

Well, you could. I mean, now we’re getting into semantics? You can do anything you set your mind to. The will is boundless. However, should you try to bring weed from Canada by hiding it very well or baking it into a cookie? Well, if avoiding serious legal repercussions is something you’re into, you probably shouldn’t. Actually, you shouldn’t.

We just thought it would be a fantastic way to notify you that regardless of what form your cannabis is in, you can’t legally depart the federal territory of Canada with it. And in actuality, for those who have an edible or concentrate, you’ll also be giving yourself away to some authority that catches you which you made your purchase for an unlicensed vendor –consequently, illegally. Concentrates and edibles won’t be available on Canada’s retail markets before next year.

Can I Bring Weed from Canada If I’m Canadian?

Well wait, you say. I’m a proud Canadian. And legal cannabis, as is now my best as a Canadian is proudly consumed by me. Congratulations are in order. Legalization, with you t travel in other words. And you’ll face Crown prosecution if you try to take cannabis across Canada’s borders, which sounds as serious as it is.

Can I Bring Weed from Canada If It Does Not Contain THC?

Alright, now you’re just looking for any motive to bring weed from Canada. For those who have weed that doesn’t include THC, like a pure CBD strain, the principles that apply to marijuana still apply. You can t travel with marijuana goods, even if they have no THC. Yeah, you are able to travel with that. We re just not talking about weed. And there’s no guarantee you won’t confront a hassle to your CBD oil.

You? Sorry. There’s no way you can bring weed from Canada. However, is a way to bring weed from Canada. And that’s if you happen to function as a transporter for a Canadian cannabis company, like Tilray for instance, that’s been authorized to export cannabis to another country–for research purposes.

Actually, there’s 1 way anyone can bring weed from Canada. You can carry as much THC as your body is able to absorb from Canada, can’t you? So get in that final session right before you head to the airport! Just don’t, you know, say anything about it to any border guard or official. They can bar you from re-entering a nation or you might face legal consequences in your country of residence if your cannabis use overseas is found out.

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