Cancer Survivor Chris Taylor Describes Journey of Conscious Dreaming and Self-Healing Using Sacred Plants

You are then taken by him to the desert of Mexico where he studies with a shaman to learn self-healing with the teachings of the Toltecs at the Art of Conscious Dreaming.

“My book is an attempt to demonstrate that a diagnosis of terminal cancer isn’t the end of the world. The world is a magical and wonderful place and there exist methods if one can open their mind to the possibilities of recovery ”- author Chris Taylor

A dream summons chris to start on a journey that takes him to the magical city of Cusco and the Temple of the Moon from the Sacred Valley nestled high in the Andes of Peru. He contains a life-changing experience with the Mother of all healing plants in the jungle of the Amazon and finds inspiration. He goes into San Luis Potosi, Mexico’s high desert, where he apprenticed at the craft of Conscious Dreaming and gets the tools to fight for his life. He learns from and studies. This is a tale of self-healing and self-discovery with medicinal plants that are magical and powerful. It’s a true story of transcending the world and overcoming odds.

“The Dream” is currently available on Amazon —– and in it, Chris joins his journey of self-discovery in beautiful and exotic places where he learns that there’s far more to life than what we are taught in school.


“I loved this book! The simple matter of fact tone was easy and clear to read at conveying depths of emotion yet surprisingly effective. It paints the men and women who live there and offers glimpses of the powerful forces that underlie our day to day reality and images of exotic locales. This journey helps the reader explore ways long forgotten by Western civilization to connect . An inspiration for all of us to seek answers s important concerns whether we are facing our own mortality or not”- Michele Rosenberger.

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