Cannabis: A Calming Effect

Cannabis: A Calming Effect

Cannabis is famous for its calming effects, and as the world we live in grows ever increasingly more violent and horrendous atrocities create the news weekly, sometimes it feels that we all just need to calm down a bit. From school shootings to road rage and everything in between it seems the world is only getting meaner. Could this potentially be a side effect of life or a by-product? Is it from the medications we take to help us deal with life or what we eat?

A lot of people appear to agree that this isn’t a cause of the issue but definitely a culprit. Cannabis legalization is currently occurring globally at a time when it’s needed more than ever. In general, has suffered. They’rsquo; t endured illness & t suffered incarceration, they, they endured separation. Cannabis legalization is currently bringing a change and around the world.

Overdose and addiction rates associated with deadly narcotics such as opioids are being reduced. In some countries with legal cannabis markets, we are seeing up to a 40% decrease in addiction and overdose rates. Violent crimes are currently dropping instead of being on the increase in states with legal access to cannabis. This is information that’s readily available all over the internet. Forbes, Newsweek, TIME Magazine, and others cover these topics.

Countries around the world are starting to lose their support of the United States of America’s War on Drugs or eradication of cannabis. They’re embracing laws in their country that will allow them to take part in a global trade community. This is a community that’s helping to heal a world filled with sickness, anger, and violence.

Cannabis is exceptionally beneficial for every mammal on the planet. The system is vital in helping to regulate communication between nerves and cells assisting the body.

Legalizing cannabis helps to take other markets that are illegal . Consumers, for the most part, are hard-working individuals or patients with no history.

Bob Marley said it best when he said: “cannabis. ”  Anybody who absorbs cannabis can tell you it’s effects. Comedian Katt Williams does a skit about cannabis where he says “everybody requires a fuck it in their lifetime. ” The reference, is to smoking cannabis, of course. Imagine if the world was for a day what we may have the ability to attain to blaze. Everybody called out sleeping, and where nothing was right, those people who understand the culture and community understand while some people think it would be a day of disorder.

Cannabis can help calm not just patients who suffer from anxiety and PTSD but people like me and you. Rather than getting drunk to drive home inebriated and going after work to the pub hurting yourself or someone else, blaze some marijuana with your buds. Cannabis helps countless people around the world. If you are naturally a bit of a pissed-off individual or suffer from anger fits, you might want to think about giving cannabis a go.

I don’t believe life could be the same without cannabis. I’ve smoked my entire life and I will. The one time was an extremely difficult time for me. I&have a small OCD and rsquo; m naturally somewhat edgy. Without rsquo, I & my herb;m not the same. I tried their regimen of Paxil, Amitriptyline, and Trazodone for a month.

Cannabis is a miraculous plant medication that’s widely misunderstood. The more information we share about it, the more we help to break the stigmas and stereotypes attached to this plant. Increase blaze and the peace with a bud. Sharing is caring so if you have a bit to blaze, share with a friend. Remember it only takes a seed to tip the scales of injustice to the favor of the people.

Written by JamesP from CannaLance (Canna-Lance. com, @CannaLance, @CannaLancer710)

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