Cannabis Crossword: Cooking With Cannabis 101

Cannabis Crossword: Cooking With Cannabis 101

Test Your Knowledge

Each week, The Cannabis Life Network and The Wellness Soldier have been proud to present a new series, Cooking with Cannabis 101. If you have checked it out, you have likely learned a lot about making cannabis edibles at home. Then again, there is really only one way to find out… test your knowledge! With that in mind, get ready for a cannabis crossword all about making cannabis edibles

Hint hint…

To help set you off on the right track, this is a short video on making cannabis-infused gummies. It provides a lot of great information on the subject of this crossword and will help you answer a couple of the questions.

If you find yourself stuck on a question and need a hint, the answers can be found within the Cooking With Cannabis 101 articles and videos.

Stay tuned each Monday for a new cannabis-infused recipe from Chef Cody!

Published at Sun, 13 Dec 2020 18:00:00 +0000

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