Cannabis, Hospitality Workers Stand Together Against Low Wages

” The occasion has panels scheduled with figures in the cannabis area, such as hip-hop rapper Harborside founder Steve DeAngelo and Cookies founder Berner, Weediquette host Krishna Andavolu and tv personality Ricki Lake.

But while the cannabis market is set to share the most current in cannabis science, almost 8,000 housekeepers, room service employees, and other service workers have walked out of 23 Marriott-owned resorts in San Diego, San Jose, Detroit, Boston, Maui, Oahu, and Oakland to fight for living wages and workplace safety, according to an Oct. 10, 2018 Vox report. The hotel chain’s workers strike reaches the Oakland Marriott, the host of the New West Summit.

Lots of the conference organizers and attendees have opted to cross the picket line in order to attend the seminar. But some from the cannabis industry are standing in solidarity and across the nation.

“We as people fighting to end the worldwide war on drugs, cannabis business owners, and legal and service providers to the cannabis industry are standing in solidarity with the 8,000 Marriott workers on strike, and will not be crossing the picket line at the Oakland Marriott to attend the New West Summit,” composed Frances Fu, Rhana Hashemi, and Lalitha Thirunagari of the Center for Political Drug Education in an open letter. “It’s time for us to show what kind of industry by encouraging human rights of Marriott workers and the health, we aspire to be. ”

The open letter urges others in the industry to stand in solidarity with the Marriott workers.

“In writing this statement, we don’t intend to antagonize the New West conference; instead, we recognize that we as a cannabis industry and movement are powerful,” the letter reads. “we’re making a powerful statement to the Marriott that we are holding them accountable for standards of how they treat their workers and as a cannabis sector are watching their actions In choosing not to cross the picket line. ”

The letter is signed by individuals in the cannabis area, such as the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Executive Director Erik Altieri Executive Director and Sonia Erika of the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council, and associations, such as Supernova Women and Magnolia Wellness.

The letter can be signed and read via a Google Form.

Two other prominent cannabis events are occurring later this month: CannMed 2018 in Los Angeles along with the CWCB Expo in Boston.

CannMed 2018 will occur Oct. 22 to 24, 2018 at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center and will feature over 31 oral presentations and seven panel discussions with the “world’s top medical cannabis researchers. ” The topics include treating neurological disorders cancer and opioid addiction with cannabis; women’s health; cryptocurrency and blockchain from the cannabis industry; and improvements in cannabis genetics.

CWCB Expo will occur Oct. 17 to 20, 2018 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. The event will have a keynote address, networking mixers, industry updates, and workshops from Montel Williams.

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