Cannabis Patient Profile — Meet Margie

Cannabis Patient Profile — Meet Margie

I had never heard of juvenile arthritis until a day when I was working at the VCBC; a very warm and friendly senior couple, Ian and Margie, came through the doors. Straight away, I noticed two bright, infectious smiles while I served them, delighted to hear them express how cannabis had saved their lives.

Margie handed me a bill and I saw that every finger was balled into tight, painful looking cramps. I asked her if it hurt and handed over her cannabis cookies.

She looked at me and said, “Ehhh, it‘s not so bad when I have these. Plus, someone has It worse .

October 17, 2018, the day recreational cannabis becomes legal in Canada, is not a day that Margie is looking forward to; the threat to shut down compassion clubs which don’t comply with these regulations will affect medicinal access to thousands… Margie is one of them.

Can you tell me a bit more about your problem?

Margie – I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was in my twenties but I can remember having it since I was 5 years old. It is severe. I have had surgery on virtually all of my joints but especially my knee’therefore, shoulders and feet.


How and when did they begin to treat you?

I took about ten per day at minimum from five years old until my early twenties. They also tried giving me all sorts of different types of shots. I had gold shots for a while. Literally injections of liquid gold blended into a solution and they were supposed to help. Thinking back, I guess they sort of did.

That sounds awful!

Margie – It was really tough and very painful. It did lots of damage to my stomach and cause me a lot of nausea. That’s why they stopped giving me Aspirin; carrying it so regularly for so long had really wrecked my stomach. So, they tried all sorts of other treatments, such as the gold injections.

Ian – She has really been through so much. She has had every medication given, understood by our Dr’therefore, specialists, right up to the very expensive which you don’t get until everything else has tried and failed.

I must ask, how expensive were the gold shots?

They were doctor prescribed.

Ian – The most expensive medication she was on was a household of biologics which gratefully was compensated for by Pharma care. It cost our government $20,000 per year.

What other remedies has your doctor prescribed?

Margie – Over time, I have tried so many different things and lots of them have worked for a little while. Having Rheumatoid Arthritis is similar to have getting your body constantly at war with itself, producing too much or too little of the wrong enzyme. The status is always changing; the problem with my body and pharmaceuticals is that eventually, I would have a reaction to the treatment. I have come quite close to expiring.

Ian – Margie has been on three different forms of these biologic drugs and they’ve all worked amazingly well for a time and then quit. One of them turned on her. Rather than attacking the gout it attacked Margie.

That’s terrifying. What happened to you?

Margie – I had a reaction to one of the medications I took. It acted to block the enzyme that generated all my acute inflammation until one day, it simply reacted. All my ribs, neck and shoulders became so inflammed that I could barely use my torso muscles to draw a breath. My heart began to swell in the strain and I couldnt even speak to express what was happening.

I should have called and ambulance but didn’t as I had been through this before.

She had large blisters all over her body, filled with a liquid nobody knew what it was.

That’s when I discovered where to purchase an ounce of phoenix tears, pure marijuana  oil. I gave Margie the oil in large increments half hour that’s when her swelling went down into her heart. Her lungs cleared up, her pain went away and the blisters healed. It was like a miracle.

I don’t have any doubt that this attack could have killed Margie. I believe the bud oil saved her life.

Was that the first time you had used cannabis?

Margie – No, I think it was 1981 and I was in my twenties. I was having another incident in which my body was reacting to the treatment and I was lying on the floor, in agony. I was in such acute distress and it gave him the idea. He said something like, “You know I believe I heard that pot is really great for pain” and I was desperate for relief. One toke and I had immediate relief.

What was the attitude towards cannabis at the time?

Margie – It certainly wasn’t legal and was frowned up. I was very strict with my usage and only smoked medicinally, never for a recreational purpose. I used it only when my condition was really bad.

Can I ask, Are you in plenty of constant pain?

Margie – My pain can depend on a lot of variables but at the moment I am doing pretty good. Plus, it all depends upon how much I move. Its like a grinding sensation in my joints, the more I do it continuously, the worse it seems.

“Oh well, grin. Life’s great. Remember there’s someone who’off worse. ”

Ian and Margie

Can you tell me a bit more about your cannabis use?

Margie – I have used a great deal of different types of cannabis medicine before but I find that concentrated THC Oil works the best for me. Of all the types I have used, a firm called Viridesco makes an oil which work better than anything else for me.

Ian – I have bought many brands and even had some made for her but those ones work the best.

Its like my body isn’t getting used to the various strains but the firm has a high standard for quality so all of it’s working.

How much do you take?

Margie – I take anywhere from a grain of rice to a frozen pea’s amount roughly every 4 hours, morning to night. That’s all I take. I am getting older and my body can’t take a different reaction.

I don’t have any doubt in my mind, cannabis is my medicine and I would die without it.

Viridesco generates the life saving medicine Margie depends on. There is no place for either of them under these brand new, recreational regulations but for people such as Margie, if they don’t continue to operate regardless of the law, the consequences can be deadly.

Ian –  Victoria, BC, has a mindset that has been excellent for people for us to receive our medicine. Also our team VCBC. Which found for us the most excellent oil which Margie uses every day now. With this oil and the medication to aid with inflammation we are winning the war against arthritis.

V- RSO- Red Congolese- 2mL

Thank God for our club and for the Viridesco oil we currently use…That we are in jeopardy of losing thanks the numerous government regulations.

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