Cannabis Sativa, Inc. (CBDS)

anewco-228x300Cannabis Sativa, Inc is one of the relatively new companies that has entered the marijuana industry. The company develops cannabis strains and offers cannabis-infused products through its subsidiaries Kush and Wild Earth Naturals.

Kush, also known as Kush Cosmetics, has been recently acquired by Cannabis Sativa, Inc. This subsidiary specializes in cannabis research and development. It has produced two medicinal cannabis strains: the potent and patent-pending CTA strain, and the proprietary NTZ strain.

Kush has also developed a proprietary lozenge delivery system for marijuana users; this is touted as a better delivery method than smoking and most edibles because users can control their dosages. The subsidiary has also created a proprietary trauma cream formula made with cannabis substances.

Meanwhile, Wild Earth Naturals is the division that formulates and sells herbal skin care and pain management products featuring hemp oil. Among its products are the “Release” headache reliever, the “Recover” muscle and joint pain reliever, and the “Skin Garden” product line which includes creams for the face and body, as well as a lip balm.

Cannabis Sativa, Inc also made headlines in July 2014 when it named former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson as its CEO and President. Joining him was Steve Kubby, the founder of Kush, who then became the company’s Chairman.

Cannabis Sativa, Inc was formerly Ultra Sun Corp, a tanning salon company founded in 2004 in Utah. The company was acquired by Wild Earth Naturals, Inc in July 2013 before it finally became Cannabis Sativa, Inc in November of the same year. Currently, Cannabis Sativa, Inc is based in Mesquite, Nevada.

The company is traded in OTC markets under the symbol CBDS, and with a market cap of USD 120.26 M.

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