Cannabis Science, Inc. (CBIS)

cannabis_print_logoCannabis Science, Inc. is a patient-oriented biotech company that specializes in cannabis formulation-based drug development and consulting. It is dedicated to meeting the needs of the community with products that are based on cannabinoid science. With the company’s unique understanding of metabolic processes, it aims to provide innovative treatment options for people whose medical needs were unmet.

As one of the longest standing companies in the cannabis industry, Cannabis Science continues to provide products that are medical cannabinoid formulations. The company is committed to providing those in need of new treatments for debilitating and life-threatening conditions with access to high-quality cannabinoid pharmaceuticals, and advocating their rights.

Cannabis Science works with drug development experts, as wells as clinical research and medical characteristic experts to develop, manufacture, and commercialize cannabinoid-based therapeutic approaches that can help treat many different types of critical ailments, including age-related medical conditions, neurobehavioral disorders, infections, and cancer. The company also works closely with regulatory agencies in their effort to alleviate suffering and to promote health of patients through cannabinoid science.

Cannabis Science, Inc. is a pioneering biotech company that creates medical cannabinoid formulations developed from cannabinoid compounds, which are derived from the cannabis plant. The material used by the company for clinical trials comes from GMP-compliant cultivation and production facilities. Its immediate focus is to develop treatment for different medical conditions, including certain types of cancer. The company continues to improve its standards to develop cutting edge treatments for cancer and other medical conditions.

Trading in the OTC under the symbol CBIS, Cannabis Science, Inc. is the first and only existing publicly traded biotech company on the market involved in formulations that are based on cannabinoid extracts. As the leader in the industry, the company consults and leads emerging businesses with a preferred business model that can mature into a key business model.

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