Marijuana Crowdfunding An Industry to Watch in 2015

Until recently, many cannabis businesses, projects, and patients had to rely on their own finances to answer their legal marijuana needs. According to estimates, more than 80% of marijuana business owners used solely their own savings and credit accounts to put up their enterprises. Bank loans and support from investors were hard... more →
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Marijuana Breathalyzer Is New Niche Market For Investors

A marijuana market even anti-marijuana investors can support? Marijuana breathalyzers. This unique product caters directly to cannabis law enforcement, making its market unique and something that anti-marijuana groups would want to get behind. The Canadian company Cannabix Breathalyzer Inc (CSE: BLO), formerly known as West Point... more →
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A Cannabis Matter to Talk About: Commercial Marijuana Insurance

The use and sale of marijuana may be making big leaps forward in terms of popularity and legalization, but some issues remain to be ironed out. For marijuana businesses, one of the most important yet most awkward concerns is getting marijuana enterprises covered by insurance. Although marijuana – particularly the medical type –... more →
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MMJ Gum Coming Soon From Axim Biotech

Axim Biotechnologies, the pharmaceutical company responsible for the cannabis gum CanChew, has recently announced that it is now working on a medical marijuana gum. The new gum, called MedChew, will contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the cannabinoids or medicinal compounds of marijuana. With this, the gum will be marketed... more →
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