UK and Canada Legalizing Cannabis

There’s a lot of hype this week about Canada becoming the second and largest country to legalize recreational marijuana. The first was Uruguay. But the bigger news for the pain community may be in the United Kingdom, which has some of the strictest marijuana laws in Europe. Home Secretary Sajid Javid made a surprise announcement... more →
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Canada now world’s largest legal marijuana marketplace

TORONTO (AP) — Ian Power was among the first to buy legal recreational marijuana in Canada but he has no plans to smoke it. He plans to frame it. Canada became the largest country with a legal national marijuana marketplace as sales began early Wednesday in Newfoundland. Power was first in line at a store in St. John’s, Newfoundland. “I... more →
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Israeli investors to grow marijuana in Uganda

The company said the order for seeds has been placed with a supplier in the Netherlands — considered to be one of the world’s leading cannabis suppliers. An Israel firm, Together Pharma Limited, has reportedly secured land in Uganda to cultivate a banned crop — marijuana — on a commercial scale. The firm, said to be the... more →
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