Can Cannabis Transcend Politics (And Save America)?

By Andrew DeAngelo In 1984, I sold an ounce of commercial Jamaican brick weed to one of the rich kids at my high school. It was only my second weed deal. I was 16 and more than a little nervous. I went to school in a conservative town just south of Washington, D.C., called Alexandria, Virginia. This particular fellow was from... more →
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Export demand is up for medical cannabis

By Shannon Beattie SOUTH West-based Little Green Pharma (LGP) has confirmed its position as a significant exporter of medicinal cannabis products to Europe after receiving another large purchase order for 2021. LGP announced last week that it has received an additional firm purchase order for about 21,300 units of the company’s... more →
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County’s cannabis conversation gets a reset

By Rollie Atkinson Sonoma County’s conversation over commercial cannabis cultivation hit a big reset Tuesday morning, May 17, when the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to require themselves to conduct a full-blown programmatic environmental impact report (EIR) prior to completing any updates to the current... more →
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