Community divided over medical marijuana ordinance

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The medical marijuana regulation debate in Lansing might seem like a state vs. city issue but officials involved say the disagreements go well beyond that. On Thursday, the Lansing Committee of Public Safety held a meeting to go over some of those issues Back in 2008 medical marijuana use was put to a vote... more →
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Medical marijuana future in Louisiana

It appears pharmacies who want to sell medical marijuana in Louisiana will have to jump through a lot of hoops. Based on a bill moving through the legislature, an application fee of $5,000 would be needed to cover inspections, background checks and paperwork. Ville Platte Representative and pharmacist Harvey LeBas says federal law... more →
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PA House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Parents and patients celebrated in Harrisburg on Wednesday as a bill to allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana passed in the House.After intense debate and consideration of some 200 amendments, the bill was passed with broad, bipartisan support. As co-founder of the group Campaign4Compassion, Lolly Bentch,... more →
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Medical marijuana bill finds new life

ATLANTA — A bill that would expand medical marijuana access in Georgia gained new life, Tuesday, at the state Capitol. House bill 722 was all but dead when it stalled in a Senate committee on Monday. However, the bill was resurrected Tuesday when supporters attached its language to an old Senate bill. The bill would open... more →
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Georgia bill to expand medical marijuana eligibility stalls

ATLANTA (AP) A bill to expand the diseases eligible for medical marijuana in Georgia has stalled in the Senate with four days remaining in the legislative session. Republican state Rep. Allen Peake of Macon hoped to pass legislation allowing state-licensed manufacturers of medical marijuana to operate in Georgia. But opposition in... more →
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State House To Consider Legalizing Medical Marijuana Next Week

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Twenty-three states have legalized doctor-prescribed marijuana in limited cases. And with Gov. Tom Wolf’s support, Pennsylvania could join the trend. “There are parents desperate for this help, and frankly, it’s about time,” Pennsylvania Sen. Camera Bartolotta, a Washington County Republican, told KDKA... more →
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