Discussing Medbox Stock & The Medical Marijuana Industry

Medbox – Lighting up the medical marijuana business. Dr Bruce Bedrick, Medbox, Inc. CEO, on CNBC Closing Argument discussing the increase in Medbox stock prices today following the launch of recreational marijuana sales in Colorado last week. In the panel interview Dr. Bruce Bedrick discusses how the medical marijuana industry... more →
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Changing Mood on Marijuana Links to the Stock Market

The Dow Jones Industrial Average correlates with major milestones in the opinions of marijuana. Socionomist Euan Wilson of the Socionomics Institute has demonstrated the views on pot are more restrictive in bull markets and more tolerant in bear markets. From the Marijuana Tax Act in 1937 at the top of the bull market to President... more →
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We Are Not Just a Medical Marijuana Stock

Medical marijuana stocks have been all the rage and CARA has been lumped into that category, but the story is much deeper. Dr. Derek Chalmer, CEO of Cara Therapeutics joins Jill Malandrino at the NASDAQ MarketSite to give a complete review of the company. The company’s lead program is an opiate-based program with the promise... more →
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