CBD boutique to open

Boulder couple to Start locally sourced CBD boutique

Ed Bates and boulder couple Jessica are opening a CBD boutique that will be stocked with products made from hemp grown down the road from future shop location.

Moon Mother Hemp Company: A CBD Boutique, which will be located in 550-square-foot shop front in Boulder’s Water Street Plaza on Canyon Boulevard, will accompany a “seed to purchase ” model, Jessica Bates. This permits the Bates to maintain control over the quality of the product until a client walks out of the store with topical balm or a tincture from before the hemp is increased.

When you’re controlling the product through the whole procedure, you can ensure quality. “The goal is to get the freshest products possible as far as processing goes. ”

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Released at Sat, 08 Sep 2018 16:49:55 +0000

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