Choom Enhances Retail Strategy With Expansion Into Medical Cannabis Channel

Choom™ (CSE: CHOO) (OTCQB: CHOOF) (CHOOM PROFILEmade a big deal today to strengthen their retail strategy by obtaining Clarity Cannabis Medical Centres. 

We have talked a lot about the strength of the recreational retail strategy, and this deal goes them even closer to being the premium cannabis retail business in Canada.

They have 45 opportunities in the rec area, and with this deal they add a telemedicine platform that is proprietary and 5 more medical centers. 

This is a big deal marijuana has been legal in Canada for a while and already has a very substantial demand, and now Choom has a footprint in recreational outlets and outlets. 

An additional reason why we believe Choom is a hidden breakout inventory that’s well positioned to be the leader in the next leg of the bud boom. 


Choom Expands into Medical Cannabis Channel with the Acquisition of Clarity Cannabis Medical Centres

Choom™ (CSE: CHOO) (OTCQB: CHOOF) an emerging adult use cannabis company that has secured among the largest national retail networks in Canada, is pleased to announce it has acquired Clarity Cannabis Medical Centre Inc. and affiliates doing business as Clarity Medical Centres.

Chris Bogart, President & CEO says,”Our goal is to build a dominant national cannabis retail manufacturer. The acquisition of Clarity Medical Centres allows the entire cannabis market, beyond just the adult use channel to be serviced by Choom. Since cannabis becomes more widely recognized as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, increasingly, patients with medical conditions will require professional medical advice on the advantages and best use of cannabis as a treatment.”
The acquisition includes five new medical centers together with a proprietary telemedicine platform that provides important education, accessibility and expertise for referring patients in the use of cannabis for medical purposes. The Clarity Medical Centres approach streamlines the process of registering with a producer that is certified and makes it simple for patients to get cannabis products that are legal in Canada.
There are medical conditions that may benefit from cannabis when it comes to treating several health issues including chronic pain, PTSD, seizures, tremors, and general anxiety. The group of cannabis of clarity trained general and specialist doctors, nurses and coaches all work together to ensure patients get optimal care. The clinics will provide education as an alternative to pharmaceuticals to patients on the use of medical cannabis products. 
Under the leadership of Dr. Jean Paul Lim, an internal medicine and complex care pro, Clarity Medical Centres intend to study and monitor the effects of medicinal cannabis use. Clarity Medical Centres may use a patient-focused, research-based, multidisciplinary approach, where Dr. Lim hopes to violate cannabis misconceptions and build scientific evidence through the collection of patient data points around cannabis as an effective treatment.
As part of the trade, Choom can get medical expertise from the clinics and leverage key learnings from the medical side to offer customer insights for our adult use channel. The Clarity medical practice model is scalable and transferable across the cannabis area that is fast growing, both domestically and internationally adding an important revenue stream that is retail to rsquo & Choom;s use strategy that is mature.
Choom™ is an emerging adult use cannabis company that has secured among the largest retail networks in Canada. Hawaii’s & ldquo; rdquo & Choom Gang inspire the Choom brand;–a group of friends in Honolulu during the 1970’s who loved to smoke weed–or as the natives called it, “Choom”. Evoking the spirit of the first Choom Gang, our brand caters to the Canadian use marketplace with cultivating & lsquo; Good Times with Good Friends & rsquo’s ethos;. Choom™ is focused on delivering an customer experience offering a diversity of brands for Canadians across a nationwide retail community. 

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