Is There A Lower-Risk Option For Cannabis Investors?

Chuma provided these operations with a number of turnkey services, including financing solutions, compliance consulting, retail solutions, commercial equipment, supply chain solutions, marketing and sales guidance, R&D services, and consumer product solutions.

In aggregate, these services also serve to diversify the company’s revenue streams away from any single service sector. In each case, Chuma’s investment led to the creation of an asset on its books, producing both a predictable revenue stream and an attractive 10% per annum interest rate on the outstanding principal amount. These contracts proved the viability of Chuma’s business model and provided an indication of the profitability of these operations.

Pleased with the results to date, management is currently raising an additional $9 million from Accredited Investors to deploy using the same model. Strong Team A solid management team makes all the difference in micro, and small-cap stocks given the unproven nature of their operations. Chuma’s management team has over 35 years of combined experience in the legal cannabis industry in California. It is already generating revenue from the initial financing and service solutions. The team has already demonstrated it can execute.

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