City College Of San Francisco Is Offering Cannabis Courses

City College Of San Francisco Is Offering Cannabis Classes

Anybody interested in learning about cannabis is in luck. There are more areas to do so than ever before. In fact, cannabis classes are getting to be available at various schools. The most recent college to bring weed to the program is the City College of San Francisco. The school is offering many workshops on various subjects relating to the plant.

Cannabis At City College Of San Francisco

The CCSF is offering three workshops at exceptionally affordable prices. You can register for them pay per class. All the workshops are taught by Jamie Lavender and Sara Payan.

Jamie Lavender is an adjunct faculty member in the Health Education Department at the City College of San Francisco, and a licensed psychotherapist who works in the harm reduction and dual diagnosis fields, with a focus on community mental health.

Sara Payan is a “Public Education Officer” in The Apothecarium dispensary in San Francisco. She is nationally recognized as a cannabis educator, policy advocate, writer and consultant.

The first workshop covers all the basics, beginning with what cannabis is and where it came from. Who doesn’t want to know the plant’s origin story?

They’ll also cover how the main parts of the plant like cannabinoids and terpenes interact with our bodies.

After learning about what cannabis is made out of, students will move on to find out what it can be used to create. Most dispensaries now carry flowers, concentrates, tinctures, topicals and edibles. Students will learn how to navigate a dispensary.

Finally, the course will cover a subject most customers don’t need to face: how to tell if your cannabis consumption is problematic.

Historical and Legal/Ethical Aspects of Cannabis

The next workshop moves past the principles into the nitty gritty aspects of cannabis.

This workshop cycle comprises the lessons on the war on drugs, global economics, national vs. state laws, personal effects of criminalization and recovering with legalization.

Additionally, the course will cover the history and other legal aspects of cannabis, such as the politics that got us here, ethics, labeling and packaging laws.

The final workshop is all about cannabis as a medicine. The class starts by teaching students how to successfully manage their cannabis use.

Next, Lavender and Payan hone in on the health problems and symptoms that cannabis is used to help.

Palliative and End of Life care will be the last topics covered in the Cannabis as Medicine workshop.

We reported on America’s first cannabis college. There are several college cannabis programs to choose from. You can even take online cannabis classes. If you really need to know about cannabis, the resources are out there. You can find out more about these courses or enroll on the CCSF website.

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