Class action suit filed on behalf of cannabis growers in California county

Class action Lawsuit filed on behalf of cannabis growers in California county

A class action lawsuit was registered in an attempt to win back roughly $16 million in taxes and fees paid to a California county by cannabis growers which were hoping to gain local and state licenses.

The suit, filed Aug. 3 against Calaveras County in southern California, alleges county officials “unlawfully compelled” cannabis growers to cover “exorbitant, compulsory registration fees and taxes ” in 2017 before banning all commercial marijuana cultivation in January 2018.

“That is a case of taxation without representation,” plaintiff Andrew Greer, CEO of Golden State Herb, said in a news release.

Greer called the county’s move a “bait and switch” because officials took marijuana company money to help balance the county budget and then voted to ban their businesses.

The suit seeks a refund for all cannabis taxes and fees paid to the county, which totals $16.3 million, according to the release.

Released at Mon, 20 Aug 2018 23:03:59 +0000

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