Craig Ex on heading to Amsterdam for the High Times Cannabis Cup

Craig Ex on heading to Amsterdam for the High Times Cannabis Cup

CLN caught up with Craig Ex aka the Expert of Expert Joints until he hit the tarmac on his way to Amsterdam for the High Times Cannabis Cup, and he informed us about the special “Fridazed” radio series he’ll do this Friday live from Amsterdam, what he’s awaiting in the city famous for its cannabis coffee shops, and more!

Yes, we’re heading to Amsterdam for the High Times Cannabis Cup with Cannabis Life Network and while there ’ll be shooting among our “Out and About” movies – our classic montages of all of the cool and exciting things we do.

Additionally, I’ll be calling into my new Friday radio show on to report about the activities at High Times from Amsterdam. While I’m there, DJ Slippee will be in the booth in Vancouver so it will be an international series this week.

Several months back J Swing, who’s an old buddy of mine and local DJ legend, messaged me that he was searching for a cannabis-related broadcast for his radio station Save Radio and what we did was air the replay of Expert Joints LIVE! For a couple months on Fridays from 2-4pm.

After I went on hiatus and took a summer break after season 3 of EJL, we started up with the actual live in-studio broadcast of this new show on Fridays.

Are you still going by the Expert Joints LIVE! podcast name?

No, the new show’so-called Fridazed and it runs 2-4pm on Save Radio. My show Expert Joints LIVE! Is still on Thursdays, and the people at Save On Radio will be changing “Expert Joints LIVE! Podcast” to the new “Fridazed” name sometime very soon.

Do you have some guests lined up or anything special for this show that we can look forward to?

At this point, you can look forward to updates from the ground and a bit of a recap of what’s been happening so much in Amsterdam along with some event details because typically there isn’t a whole lot accessible advance  

As far as guests and interviews it’s quite hard to say, we’ll deal with this when we get there. There’s a couple of people who’ve said they may be available for an interview but I won’t really know until we hit the ground running.

[**Editor’s note: the musical line-up includes Bone Thugs and Harmony, Afroman, Ty Dolla $ign, the Original Wailers, and more]

We will also be taking a look around at the sights in and around Amsterdam and hopefully, it will make for a pretty cool trip.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam before?

No, I haven’t. This is my second time in Europe, and after my trip to Barcelona for Spannabis I’m a little bit apprehensive but hopefully, this is a much better experience.

Are you hoping you may actually be able to discover some weed this time?

Yeah I’m sure I’ll be able to find some weed and I’m sure I’ll be able to discover some food to eat. Fingers crossed it’ll be a fantastic trip.

With Canada set to legalize cannabis in a month or two, do you believe Amsterdam has dropped a bit of its cool factor when it comes to cannabis?

I haven’t been there yet so I could ’t compare what it was like before or after, but in international, global recognition, as more areas have gone legal, and actually legal like full recreational, I believe some of the novelty of smoking in Amsterdam has, to a degree, slightly worn off.

I know at some stage Amsterdam was one of the only places you could get cannabis at coffee shops, but I’ve been hearing that accessing the stores and all that may be more tightly controlled now than it was in the past.

I can’t say for sure but with places like Colorado and Washington going full recreational and Canada coming up to go full rec also with so-called legalization, Canada will probably take a pretty prominent role with an international reputation as a place to go to smoke cannabis.

I understand you’t judged preceding cannabis cups. Are you going to be judging this one?

Not at all this time. Who knows what happens when we get on the ground, like if we happen to make our way to the tents and get a judge’s kit… we’ll see how it goes, but for now we’re there to see the events and sights and just take a look.

Have you been to other High Times Cannabis Cups?

I was invited to host this past year’s cup out on Vancouver Island but I was already booked that weekend with the Fore20 Cup at Squamish.

So I haven’t been to a High Times Cup yet but I’ve heard a great deal about them and their reputation and I’ll see how it is when I get there.

Have you got any other plans in Amsterdam besides the High Times Cannabis Cup, like hitting up one of the famous coffee shops or red light district?

My first job will be hitting a coffee shop or two to pick up enough supplies to make it through the weekend… It might be three or four.

Obviously, we’ll be covering the event grounds on Friday and I’ll be reporting it on the show. On Saturday and Sunday there will be more general filming of this event and hopefully a few of the sounds and sights which are Amsterdam.

But then again, we’ll be making it up a bit as we move from the moment we hit the ground.

So how long is your Amsterdam trip going to be?

I’ll be back on Monday. Season four to be gone for a long time.

Anything else you’d like to include?

Stay tuned and watch the watch video of this trip. We’ll do an Out and About video for Season 4 which comes back in August and we’ll see you soon!

As I like to say, “Tune into Fridazed at two on Fridays on”.


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