CTV: U.S. pot companies view Canada as land of opportunity

CTV: U.S. Bud companies See Canada as land of opportunity


Green Thumb Industries had a business strategy, expertise and plenty of ambition to grow its marijuana business. What the Chicago-based company did not have was access to sufficient funds to make it all happen.

So last month, the company with $20 million in earnings from marijuana shops in seven nations turned its gaze north and went public in Canada, where bud soon will be broadly legalized nationally.

The Canadian Securities Exchange is rapidly becoming the go-to spot for U.S. cannabis companies orphaned by their own stock exchanges because the U.S. government still considers marijuana an illegal drug.

Green Thumb took more than a publicly traded Canadian company, added an”Inc.” to its title and went public. The organization raised $67 million U.S. dollars, money that will allow Green Thumb to get licenses in new nations and open more retail stores across America.

Released at Wed, 25 Jul 2018 14:44:02 +0000

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