CV Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB:CVSI)

CV Sciences is a Nevada-based company that focuses on the procurement and wholesale of cannabidoil (CBD), which is a federally legal substance derived from hemp plant. The company also develops, produces, markets, and sells end-consumer products containing hemp-based compounds to the nutraceutical industry. It produces raw ingredients to be used by the pharmaceutical industry for a wide variety of therapeutic purposes, and by nutraceutical market as ingredients for foods and nutritional supplements for the health and wellness of consumers.

Cannabidoil, which has been known for its pluripotent benefits on health, is a non-psychoactive nutraceutical hemp-based product isolated from industrial hemp. The raw industrial consumer products of CannaVest Corp. are produced with CBD. CannaVest takes advantage of an emerging trend for re-energizing the production of industrial hemp for the benefit of its cannabidoil–rich oil, protein powder, seed oil, and other by-products. The company resells raw industrial hemp-based products to third parties, and promotes the many legal uses of hemp for consumer goods.

CV Sciences, Inc. is committed to growing its young business that includes working closely with government and regulatory leaders to allow for hemp domestication as farm crop. The company seeks to develop and revitalize the industrial hemp industry in the United States, which may complement the company’s overseas operations. As legislation and legalization of hemp continues at both the state level and the national level, the company anticipates the day that hemp is separated from marijuana, and grown once again in America.

CV Sciences, trading in the OTCQB market under the symbol CVSI, is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its laboratory, which is located in the heart of San Diego, California, was designed to facilitate cutting edge research on cannabidoil and has increased capabilities to turn concentrate hemp oils into CBD-rich hemp oils with high value.

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