Dab Your Way Through the Holidays With These CBD Concentrates

Dab Your Way Through the Holidays With These CBD Concentrates

CBD centers are a great way to enjoy all the benefits CBD offers. A huge dose of cannabinoids kick-in far faster than alternative methods, often with the benefit of healing terpenes which are re-introduced into the concentrate.

With numerous CBD products cropping up on the internet these days, it’s important to note the distinction between CBD isolate and concentrates. CBD isolate is a lab extracted form of CBD that usually comes in a white crystal powder. CBD concentrates are plant derived, utilizing all the cannabinoids found in the plant for full health benefits. They could come in the form of sugar waxes, pull and snap extracts, or even CBD-infused terp sauces.

Curious as to what’s out there? Have a look at CBD concentrates below.

Cost: $79.99

Where to purchase: chakraxtracts.com

Chakra Extracts has a large range of CBD concentrates accessible, including a CBD sugar wax and TerpSauce. Both contain full-spectrum CBD, along with 87%+ terpenes–the largest amount of terpenes I’ve personally ever seen in a product. The TerpSauce bewitched my heart and soul.

Regardless of the fact that there’s no THC in it I find myself feeling somewhat high. I’m euphoric, smiley and in a terrific mood, and more than once I had to remind myself that I hadn’t actually consumed any THC. It’s proof that the terpenes are the best portion of the cannabis experience.

Cost: $35–$60

Where to purchase: cbdconcentrates.com

In terms of CBD concentrates, shatter is perhaps the toughest to come by, which is exactly why it’s so wonderful to see a variety of them available in 1 spot. You can dab, vape, or perhaps infuse CBD Health Products’ CBD Shatter into food or beverage (surprise!) .

Three flavors are now available: Bubblegum Kush, Cherry Diesel, and Skywalker OG. They’re some of the tastiest concentrates I’ve tried so far, with each dab feeling like a small, reassuring hug.

80 percent Broad Spectrum CBD Was by CBDistillery

(Courtesy of CBDistillery)

Cost: $60

Where to purchase: cbdistillery.com

Colorado-based CBDistillery’s Broad Spectrum CBD Wax is, sugar. The small golden-brown rock smells like ripe bananas, a scent that appears to be extremely polarizing based on the user. It’s a mix of CBD and CBG (a minor cannabinoid known for its unique health benefits) and is very easy to break up and dose out thanks to its stable feel.

It can also be consumed sublingually along with being vaped. The effects are clearly less conspicuous compared to Chakra Extracts. I feel a wave of gentle comfort after the dab, and my eyes soften somewhat, but the effects are far from incapacitating–which makes it a great functional concentrate for daytime use.  

Cost: Varies

Where to purchase: Only accessible Oregon

I’m in awe of how great Oregon-based Mana Extracts’ goods are. True, this CBD-rich concentrate contains THC, but it’s only a paltry 4%–and we all know how well THC and CBD work together.

This glorious extract also contains 79.57% TCA and an insane 64.14% CBD, with an overall terpene content of 4.52%. It’s a deep, dark brown that’s almost like hardened molasses at room temperature, which makes it very easy to handle. You get notes of pine, hops, orange and mint–a sweet, floral combo that complements a deep sense of chill after taking a dab or two.

750 CBD Wax Crumble by Highland Farms

(Courtesy of Highland Pharms)

Cost: $39.95–$99.90

Where to purchase: highlandpharms.com

CBD content can vary as the merchandise is sold by weight rather than volume, but each gram of Highland Pharms’ Wax Crumble comprises a minimum of 750mg CBD, with up to 900mg per gram. The wax is made of full spectrum CBD that’s been organically grown and uses supercritical CO2 for the extraction process. You can immediately smell the terpenes emitting from the crumble, and it strikes –and tastes–rather well off a quartz nail.

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