Days Into Legalization, Canada Is Running from Cannabis

Days Into Legalization, Canada Is Already Running from Cannabis

THE CANADIAN PRESS–Cannabis retailers are already running low or completely cleaned out just three days following cannabis was made legal across Canada.

Product shortages are expected in both brick-and-mortar and online stores could last “up to six months” based on Lotteries & Manitoba Liquor.

“Every state –not just Manitoba–is receiving substantially less cannabis than originally requested… Retailers in Manitoba will be receiving staggered shipments over the next few weeks (some daily) in a bid to fulfill their requests,” said a spokeswoman for the Manitoba crown corporation in an email.

Retailers saw long lineups and a tide of purchases as Canadians made their purchase of authorized cannabis.

In St. John’therefore, Newfoundland, the Tweed store on Water Street had sold from oils, pre-rolled joints, and smaller quantities of the blossom by roughly 2 p.m. local time on Wednesday. Across town in a second Tweed place, a worker said that a few product lines weren & rsquo; t supplied as legalization continued and the inventory would broaden and suppliers had product.

Shortages could last up to six months.

Shortages were also beginning to emerge on Day One in Montreal where lineups outside of the city’s three SQDC locations persisted throughout the day.

Kay, a 21-year-old sociology student at Concordia, had planned on buying Hexo’s proprietary Northern Lights strain Azul, but watched the final products sold just as he reached the counter. He got Soleil’s Harmonizer and Hexo’s Sierra instead.

“I waited five hours in line! ” he whined. “Is it worth it? I haven’t tried it yet! ”

A BC Liquor Distribution Branch spokeswoman said that “shortages are/were expected to impact all jurisdictions across Canada as a few (licensed manufacturers ) look to opportunities in overseas markets. ”

Four of the licensed manufacturers had indicated to BC this month they would not ship their full product commitment in time for the launching of sales and the state ’s store, she added.

“variety including problems with supply chain and LPs point to a number of factors in product volume, lower than expected crop yields, and supply of packaging materials, & rdquo; the spokeswoman.

Canopy Growth Corp.. CEO Bruce Linton said the certified manufacturer expects by next Friday to have sent to all provinces and territories 100 percent of the volumes it had committed to over the next 30 days, but within 10 days of legalization.

He noted that the cannabis grower in these supply agreements signed on to provide a specific amount over a year, and that order specifics did not become clear until two weeks ago.

Industry players and watchers had warned that there could be merchandise shortages amid supply chain problems, until the day it became lawful, but the appetite of Canadian customers for legal bud was unclear.

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