Does Wall Street Still Have The Interest For Small Cap Marijuana Stocks?

Amateur trader Steve Templeton recently told The Cannabist about how he turned a $77,500 investment in small cap marijuana stocks into more than $325,000 in about a year (Note: His initial deposit was $2,500 and he added $75,000 more throughout the year). His strategy:

Smoke is my working portfolio where I keep and recycle all my cash. Stash is where Smoke goes after graduation. Stash is all the free shares I have been paid to take. I work with Smoke, and I intend to sell Stash after 2020 when weed is legal.

However and when asked whether he smoked pot, Steve said:

Every day. I dab all day. I’ve got 25 years of smoking experience. So I have perspective that’s giving me my concept of what I’m looking at (in the market).

Steve also noted that he had his biggest one day gains with GW Pharmaceuticals and Latteno Food Corp (OTCMKTS: LATF).

Vaporizing Pens Spark Concerns.

If you are thinking of investing in a small cap marijuana stock with a vaporizing pen product, be aware that concerns are growing surrounding their usage. The Houston Chronicle has reported has warned about the risk of explosions when hash oil (which can then be used in vaporizing pens) is extracted from marijuana plants using highly flammable butane. Hash oil is about 60 to 90% more potent than regular marijuana – meaning users (especially young ones) are at much greater risk of dependency and mental health problems. Meanwhile, ABC 7 in Denver has warned that vaporizing pot pens are being used to inhale hash oil without the detectable smell of marijuana – which goes against ordinances that say you can’t use pot in public.

The Rise of Big Marijuana as the Industry Gets a Full Time Lobbyist.

Big Tobacco and alcohol lobbyists have been around for many years, but the Washington Post has profiled Michael Correia – Washington DC’s first full time marijuana lobbyist. Ironically and while Correia was born into a family of Democrats, he spent nine years working as a Republican staffer on the House Committee on Resources before getting a job with the American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization with financial support from the left’s biggest boogey men: The Koch brothers.

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