Don’t Miss These Online 7/10 Earnings on Dabbing Accessories

Don’t Miss These Online 7/10 Sales on Dabbing Accessories

Online retailers are slashing prices on tools, rigs, and accessories, so today ’s the opportunity to gift yourself or a loved one with a few new dabbing equipment and vaporizers.

OG Series GEN3 Vaporizer

(Courtesy of GEN3)

Cost: $64.99 $45.49

If you’re celebrating your 7/10 holiday on the go, then there’s no better place to begin than with a fresh vaporizer travel station. The new OG series Gen3 Vaporizer kit is the latest installment in the #thisthingrips collection. Featuring a double quartz rod atomizer wrapped in titanium, this vaporizer offers thick clouds and full flavor.

Planning on being outside for the whole day? No problem, the Gen3 battery comes with a 12-hour battery life. Each Gen3 kit comes with a vaporizer pen, battery, charger, mouthpiece, silicone base, an excess atomizer, and a nifty travel tool.

Cost: $54 $40

Produced by Sesh Supply in Savannah Georgia, this 5” fumed beauty features a fixed 90-degree stem and a 3-hole diffuser for the perfect quantity of percolation.

“Pan” is sleek, minimal, and a perfect show piece for social use. Although this piece comes with a micro flower bowl, its 14.5mm female joint is offset in the bent mouthpiece, making for a comfortable experience with dome-less claws. At an already low price, Smoke Cartel has taken an additional 26 percent off with the choice to throw a banger in for only $12 more.

Cost: $25 $19.99

What better time to upgrade to the latest in nail technology than over the 7/10 holiday? Dankstop is featuring a sweet deal of 20 percent off thermal bangers.

Are you tired of having to constantly clean out oil in the trunk of your quartz banger nails? Thermal bangers are designed to prevent oil from building up on the throat by containing it within the basin. This allows for a more even distribution of heat over a longer time period.

As for joint sizing, these bangers are positioned at 45 degrees and come with your choice of 14mm or 18mm female slides.

GRAV Fire Button Portable E-Nail

(Courtesy of GRAV)

Cost: $200 $179.95

There are many advantages to using an e-nail, and now portability is one of them. The GRAV Fire Button mobile e-nail features everything which makes an e-nail great in a sleek portable design. Now, with the push of a button, you can dab on the move.

The Fire Button is wrapped in a heat-resistant silicone casing, specifically designed for adding traction for rigs. Each e-nail comes with a universal fitting for 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm jointed pieces, are USB supported, and come with a 6-hour long (rechargeable) battery life.

Nectar Collector Travel Kit

(Courtesy of No Label Glass)

Cost: $48.95 $38.97

For a more all-in-one travel experience, Brothers With Glass is featuring a fully loaded Nectar Collector Kit from No Label Glass. Each kit comes with a spill-proof dab straw bubbler Nectar Collector, one silicone concentrate container, a titanium dabber tool, as well as a mini butane lighter. You get all this packed into a color-matched pocket sized case.

The only thing you need to complete the encounter is butane and focus. Better still, this deal was a steal before it was thrown on sale. At less than $50, it would be difficult to find a better bargain on a complete kit.

Directional Airflow Carb Cap

(Courtesy of Poker Supply)

Cost: $29.99 $20

Carb caps have changed the game for flavor-seeking focus connoisseurs. Directional airflow carb caps would be the new iteration of the heritage and offer a solution to efficiency problems dabbers face when using specific nails.

Directional airflow caps work is by funneling atmosphere towards oil buildup and directing it towards better heated areas of the nail. This airflow control is great for people who dab quartz nails at very low temperatures. Happy 7/10!

Ceramic Dabber Tool

(Courtesy of Sky High Smoke Shop)

Cost: $14.99 $11.99

One of the drawbacks of using quartz claws is that they are prone to scratching. This is more often than not caused by the use of titanium dabbers. Using a ceramic dabber tool rather than titanium significantly decreases the likelihood of scratching.

Sky High Smoke Shop is offering a double-ended non-toxic ceramic tool that is both durable and easy to deal with. One end comprises a ballpoint tip that works well with breaking and collecting shatters while the other hand provides a hooked scoop which makes working with viscous saps and waxes a breeze.

This tool is designed to be both portable and discreet with a 4.5” length and a smooth white finish.

Universal Titanium Nail

(Courtesy of The Smoke Club)

Cost: $29.99 $25.99

For the titanium fans out there, The Smoke Club is throwing a bargain on universal titanium claws . Fashioned out of high grade ceramic, these claws fit both 4mm and 18mm joint dimensions. The domeless nail head is designed to direct airflow in the skillet and into six holes surrounding the reservoir.

This forced airflow provides an even grabbing point for concentrates to vaporize slowly, removing the need to add extra warmth and providing an even temperature. The skillets are removable for easy cleaning and replacement if necessary.

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