Dumbstruck By Beauty In The Great Canadian Glass Gathering

Dumbstruck By Beauty At The Fantastic Canadian Glass Gathering

Of all of the cannabis events I’ve been to or heard of, the Great Canadian Glass Gathering is among the best. The energy of the place is serenely peaceful, relaxing and happy. You don’t require a lot of money to experience it but you could definitely spend a small fortune and walk away happy about it.

Normally, I don’t put into glass or glass occasions. I don’t possess a heady rig yet because I have always been terrified I will break it. But I couldn’t ignore the fact that year after year, friends of mine (workaholics) have dropped everything (including their neurosis) to go to the Glass Gathering. As a result of the dire need to seek out some fun, I decided to go to the 2018 Great Canadian Glass Gathering; it was the best choice I’ve made in quite a long time.

I learned a few things, not just about glass blowing… I learned about myself…

Eye protection is important if you use a flashlight …

Yes, this might seem really obvious. It is logical that you ought to wear eye protection when staring directly at the fire on a flashlight. I learned this because they encourage the use of spectator glasses.

Then it hit me, I use a flashlight many times per day and stare directly at it without ever using eye protection. I have to so as to aim the fire on the banger in my dab rig every time I dab.

What about you? Have you ever had that “aha” second yet? Are you aware of your retinas when you dab with a flashlight? Didn’t think so…now you know


Glass art is best created at night…

Glass blowing is frequently a graveyard job and these folks often work all night (seriously, all night). The magical appeal of luminous glass art forming beneath the stars drew me in, however, I was amazed to find out that most of these artists are always nocturnal.

I assumed that they just prefer the creative vibe that they get in the evening or something like that but the reality is, it is to prevent the heat. My buddy Wilson explained it to me in 1 sentence, “Who wants to work with a hot torch for hours beneath the hot sun? ”


The Glass Tents

I arrived in the early evening and set up my camp; the sun was setting as I was making my way to find the glass blowing tents for the first time.

With each element represented, I could feel myself relaxing physically and mentally.

Reminding me a bit of the lamp post in the woods of Narnia, the delicate glass sculptures were displayed in clear, pristine instances positioned on the grass. Between each was a dedicated artist, a nonstop jet of fire along with a brightly glowing goo.

When art hits you…


I clearly remember the first time I knew the inexplicable power that art can have. My mom to took me into a gallery once I was a child and I had been looking around, thankfully running from room to room.

I froze where I was the second I saw this abstract painting. To me, the splotches of color looked like a hot, burning sun on a deep green woods and I was glued in front of it. I could almost feel heat radiating off of the canvas and I couldn’t proceed.  

I was literally in awe of the picture in front of me and at precisely the same time, I was devastated to understand it was the only time I’d get to see it. . My 10 year old brain was being rocked with all of these intense emotions and I was processing all of them at once, standing in front of this painting. I remember saying to myself, I understand what art can do to a man and why it is so much more than something pretty to look at.

Seeing the artists at work put me in condition of walking meditation. I was completely relaxed and at ease, curiously watching these creations occur right in front of me.

I took my time and watched every artist form and manipulate liquid light, surrounded by the bits they had already made. Again, I was in awe.

I’ve seen glass blowing before and I have seen some pretty amazing creations but this occasion took it to a whole other level for me.

The fantastic Canadian Glass Gathering is an interactive, art experience and I am delighted to say, I get it now.

One weekend in Birken but I understand now that an obsession with glass art is beginning…

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