Easton Pharmaceuticals Provides Additional Documents On Due Diligence

A specialty pharmaceutical company that owns, designs, develops, and markets an array of topically-delivered drugs and therapeutic / cosmetic healthcare products, today announces financing update, provides due diligence documents towards financing from a Toronto, Canada-based brokerage firm.

Easton Pharmaceuticals has over the past 12 months been financed from accredited investors through regulation D offerings. These offerings were completed in April of this year where $1 Million was raised, but the offerings are not expected to be utilized again. Although the Company has received other offers for financing through various other avenues including the submission of a Reg.

A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and investment(s) from private sources, the Company has also been diligently searching to have its financing secured through more traditional value added sources and means such as private placements through institutions.

Easton Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce it has been formally requested to forward all pertinent documents for review as it has reached the due diligence phase with a medium sized brokerage firm, based in Toronto, Canada who have financed numerous private and public Canadian based company’s holding Canadian assets or businesses.

Any financing may involve a co-listing on a Canadian Exchange, which if implemented would not affect the company’s current U.S listing on the OTC markets.

To read more, visit http://finance.yahoo.com/news/easton-pharmaceuticals-announces-financing-provides-130000322.html

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