Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EAPH)

White-LogoA specialty pharmaceutical company, Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc designs, develops, and markets topical health care products. These premium products provide various therapeutic benefits using the company’s proprietary gel formulation to deliver transdermal effects. In 2013, the Toronto, Canada-based company announced that it has also made initiatives to enter the medical marijuana sector.

The current products of Easton Pharmaceuticals cater to a variety of health issues. It has an anti-wrinkle cream called Skin Renou HA, an arthritis- and body pain-reliever called Kenestrin Gel, a motion sickness gel called Nauseasol, and a female sexual enhancement gel called Viorra. All of these are applied through the unique transdermal delivery system.

Aside from these, two products in the company’s pipeline are XILIVE, an early-stage cancer drug, and Femlife, a transdermal drug to treat Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD).

In June 2013, Easton Pharmaceuticals announced its intent to open medical cannabis clinics in the US and Canada. More recently, in June 2014, the company has started discussing investment proposals, including one to a medical marijuana dispensary in Michigan.

The company has also made an investment in AMFIL Technologies, the manufacturer of the mPact-GROzone Antimicrobial System. This system utilizes ozone technologies to minimize pathogens and pests in marijuana growing facilities.

Founded in 1997 as LAM Pharmaceutical Corp, Easton Pharmaceuticals changed to its current name in 2010. It is currently being traded in the OTC markets under the symbol EAPH, with a market cap of USD 1.26 M.

Among the company’s key executives are Carla Pepe, CEO and President; John Adams, CFO; Kent A. Deuters, COO; Dr. Peter J. Rothbart, Treasurer; Dr. Daniel Bagi, Senior Executive Physician Consultant; and Dr. Lilla Albert, Chief Marketing and Technology Officer.

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