Endexx Corp. (EDXC)

endexxEndexx Corporation is a provider of innovative medical marijuana management and technology solutions for entrepreneurs. It offers collaboration tools to different industries through its subsidiaries; the m3hub, Project Canopy, and the Global Solaris Group. The company also entered into an agreement to acquire GreenLeaf Consulting, LLC.

The m3hub is a platform that manages patient concentric data, incorporates best patient privacy practices through verification, privacy, and transparent controls, as well as legitimizing the transaction process on the patients’ behalf. It is the first standardized software platform used to track pharmaceutical-grade marijuana in support of a centralized medical marijuana industry repository.

Project Canopy, another platform provided by Endexx, provides customers and workers a virtual environment to work together without geographical constraints, and helps networks to collaborate at any place or time in an environment that is ‘always on’. The Global Solaris Group offers professionally-engineered renewable energy power systems for optimum performance. Its key markets are electric utilities, government, irrigation districts, communities, data centers, schools, mining, and other operations that require dependable power systems.

Endexx Corporation is committed to helping entrepreneurs thrive by providing them a platform that offers maximum return on investment. The company understands that it can be extremely difficult for small, individual companies with new technologies to sustain themselves as stand-alone companies. Through Endexx Corporation’s collaborative practices, both individual and group skill sets are utilized to grow the business while eliminating redundancies and eliminating costs.

Endexx Corporation, trading in the OTC market as EDXC, is a publicly traded micro-cap company that represents the interest of shareholders, and collaborates with independent software developers, engineers, scientists, and other companies to build businesses that will thrive collectively in the equity markets. The management team and advisory group of the company have 10 to 50 years of experience in their respective fields. They are experienced in growing businesses, developing new technologies and implementing them, and running publicly traded corporations.

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