Champs Trade Show (New Jersey)

We welcome you to be part of our CHAMPS East this May 19th-21st at the Atlantic City Convention Center. CHAMPS East provides an exceptional environment for retailer and distributor to meet manufacturer and wholesaler. The East Coast is a home to an array of culture, the cities of skyscrapers. Shops on the east have a high turnover and demand for products with no time to get away from their busy stores, so we bring CHAMPS to them. Based at the Atlantic City Convention Center CHAMPS East hosts an assortment of vendors from glass pipes, vaporizers, cleaners, detox, incense, glass beads, jewelry, extraction machines, jars, adult novelties such as toys or teaching books to enhancement pills and many many more. Anything your smoke shop, hydroponic, crossover tattoo or adult novelty shop may need. First ever East Coast Emerging Artist Invitational which will host sixteen of the best artists the east has to offer with live flame-working inside CHAMPS. CHAMPS East is also the home for 250 for 250 — FREE $250 CHAMPS Cash to spend however you want!* What else is better, come join us for our East Coast Invasion!

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