Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program protects nearly 70,000 patients and is in many ways the gold standard of state medical marijuana programs, combining compassion and entrepreneurial opportunities. The 3rd Annual Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference (OMMBC) is returning to Eugene to provide a lay of the land for the current medical marijuana industry as well as provide insight into the burgeoning industry when Oregon implements regulated cannabis commerce for all adults. What is working for current medical marijuana growers, providers, processors? What changes to the medical program can be expected, if any? How exactly is the state going about the implementation process following Oregon historic Measure 91 vote that legalized cannabis for all adults over 21? These are some of the issues that the OMMBC will cover and, as always, we will be providing exciting networking opportunities for attendees. This marijuana business conference should not be missed by any Oregon marijuana entrepreneur or anyone thinking of joining this exciting industry.

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