EVIO Labs Berkeley Announces ISO 17025 Certification

EVIO Labs Berkeley Announces ISO 17025 Accreditation

EVIO Inc. (http://eviolabs.com/) (“EVIO” or the”Company”), (OTCQB: EVIO), a leading supplier of cannabis testing and scientific research for the regulated cannabis industry in North America, announced today that its Northern California laboratory in Berkeley, Calif., C3 Labs, LLC DBA EVIO Labs, has attained ISO 17025 accreditation (Accreditation #99861, Certificate #L18-256) from Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. (PJLA).

For an organization to become accredited in ISO 17025, its laboratory must be able to consistently produce accurate and precise tests for cannabinoids, pesticides, and contaminants, and have implemented a rigorous quality management system. The certification also requires personnel to have met specific training and academic credentials.

“EVIO is dedicated to upholding the highest standards throughout each step of the testing process and we are extremely delighted with the team’s hard work to reach this great achievement,” said Ron Russak, Vice President of Operations, EVIO Labs. “As the California cannabis industry evolves and state-mandated laboratory standards of operation prove vital, both customers and consumers will now have assurance that the results will be accurate and reliable.”

Based on California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, beginning July 1, a licensee may only sell cannabis products which have been tested and passed all testing requirements in effect at the time of testing. EVIO Labs Berkeley is well-positioned to meet the increase demand for analytical testing services for regulated cannabis and is ready for these heightened regulations.

“As the California cannabis industry evolves, focus has shifted heavily towards ensuring customer safety,” said Lori Glauser, COO of EVIO Labs. “Since the provider’s conception, the team has been hyper-focused on building the infrastructure to keep up with heightened quality standards and regulations imminent for each legal cannabis market. EVIO has a pivotal part to help ensure the health and safety of the product which will give consumers peace of mind.”

EVIO Inc. acquired C3 Labs in January 2018. C3 Labs has been serving the cannabis industry since 2015. C3 Labs has been issued a Cannabis Research and Development business license by the City of Berkeley that permits them to provide cannabis scientific research, product design, testing and development. C3 Labs was one of the country’s first, true, cannabis-focused contract research organization (CRO), with both field services and a state of the art research center. C3 Labs’ highly experienced engineers and scientists utilize cutting edge technology to support their clients in analytical chemistry, process chemistry, formulations, and engineering.

Michael Berger is the Founder of Technical420 and Managing Partner of StoneBridge Partners. Michael continues to be among the highest authorities on cannabis equities in the business.

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