Famous Dex Opens A Month

Famous Dex Opens Up About His Weed Habit Costing $10,000 A Month

Rich The Kid is a young rap star that has made it clear that he doesn’t have an issue funding his intense weed habit. Making music, touring and running his own record label has left him with little to no time to roll his own blunts. In actuality, he’s now hiring two specialist blunt rollers to handle that for him. Famous Dex, who is signed to Rich The Kid’s label, is having a harder time justifying his marijuana spending habits.

Dex is known for his eccentric spin on Chicago drill music. He began to gain popularity on SoundCloud back in 2016, his debut album Dex Meets Dexter premiered last month and his following continues to grow.

Famous Dex Opens Up About Weed Spending

Dex recently opened up about his marijuana habits in detail to DJ Smallz. During their one on one, DJ Smallz asked about what cannabis does for him, his favourite breed, how much he spends on it and much more.

At the beginning of the interview, Dex states, “I’m high right now. ” He told Smallz the first time he smoked marijuana was because of peer pressure from his cousins. He recalls laughing at literally everything and eating a lot. Dex recalled the marijuana was “reggies” which is a low-quality.

Dex has come a long way from his reggie smoking days. He is far from a lightweight when it comes to smoking marijuana. In actuality, the Chicago-born rapper told DJ Smallz he goes through “two, three zips a day” which he smokes in a Backwoods blunt packed with at least three to four grams of marijuana.

“I gotta stop that shit,” he reflected after explaining the amount he smokes a day.

DJ Smallz then asked how much he believed his marijuana habit was costing him per month. Dex responded that it had been anywhere between five and ten million dollars.

Smallz followed up with, “is it worthwhile? ”

“It’s not worth it. I got kids,” Dex responded. He says the marijuana habit hasn’t gotten in the way of looking after his kids “but at the same time it’s not worth it since that money can go towards a home, it can go towards a building, I could invest that money. ”

” Since then, he’s been considering several investments.

Famous Dex Net Worth

After releasing six mixtapes, one album and accumulating millions of followers, Famous Dex has an estimated net worth of $600,000 which is expected to increase now that his album is out. He’s been flexing checks since 2016 when he bought a new home and Lamborghini.

Despite his net worth, five to eight million dollars per month on marijuana is still enough for Dex to reconsider his spending habits. If you could afford it, would you smoke two to three zips a day?

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