Finding Cannabis in the South of Spain

Finding Cannabis in the South of Spain

When I travel, I love seeing how other cultures treat cannabis and how local attitudes and customs affect the experience. This is much more enjoyable in friendly locations.

I had the opportunity to spend some time adventuring through the south of Spain, and I was excited to learn of the marginally progressive cannabis laws. After sharing some experiences on my Instagram feed, I had many people reach out and inquire about my experiences enjoying cannabis abroad.

I’m discussing a few of the things I’ve learned during my travels in this fast guide to finding cannabis across the Costa del Sol and the southern cities of the Iberian peninsula.

A Few important factors to keep in mind when you’re traveling overseas in general, and especially if you decide to eat cannabis:

  • You’re a visitor, so be respectful.
  • Before you go, do some simple research. Check local laws on cannabis and see if you’re able to find anyone.
  • Should you’re not sure what’s acceptable, use good judgement and ask a friendly local.

    To put it simply, cannabis is not legal in Spain, but the truth is that it’s not so cut-and-dry. Spain lacks strict cannabis law and regulation, but its rich Catholic history gives it a somewhat conservative view, in spite of its carefree lifestyle.

    While cannabis is not legal in Spain, personal use is generally considered decriminalized. The interpretation of Spain’s cannabis legislation is a bit fluid, and it’s important to remember that there’s a fine line between personal use and commercial use. It can be as thin as having two unique strains in separate containers, and the interpretation of local laws is up to a region’s governing agency.

    It is illegal to smoke cannabis in public and developing and selling it commercially is not an entirely legal enterprise. This has lead to a growth in private clubs that help supply members with personal amounts of cannabis. They operate in a legal gray area, are generally discreet, and their cooperative approach fosters a somewhat underground community. They operate quite similarly to early medical collectives.

    Where Would You Find Cannabis in Spain?

    Barcelona is the heart of Spanish cannabis culture. It’s a metropolitan city on the northeast coast of the country, and has a booming cannabis community with many private clubs where members can share and consume cannabis with comparative freedom. It’s also home to Spannabis, among the largest international cannabis-centric festivals, which has taken place for the last 15 years and seen widespread expansion in recent years.

    It’s been more than a decade since I’ve searched for cannabis in Barcelona, so I set out into the cities of Seville and Málaga, and their surrounding areas to see what I could find.

    When I arrive anywhere, the first thing I do is check out Leafly’s Finder instrument to see what dispensaries pop up. If I’m in a region with cannabis laws that are less-than-favorable, I always like to check out other sources. In certain areas where cannabis stay more underground, people and businesses prefer more discretion than a cannabis site like Leafly can supply, so just because you don’t find a club recorded doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Try a few of the more popular travel forums or Google Maps, if you aren & rsquo rsquo; re looking for.

    Seville and Málaga

    In Seville, the first place to pop up was Green City Seville, and lucky for me it was just a few blocks from where I was staying. In Málaga, I discovered that several of the clubs have been located out of the city’s jurisdiction and further down the shore in some of the more towns. Club Social Málaga was two miles away and was readily accessible with a bus ride to the west of town’s centre.

    I gave them a call to get a feeling of what type of documentation I would need to secure a membership, before I ventured to either of those locations. If you don & rsquo; t have luck reaching them by phone, try even or email Facebook, which I & rsquo; ve found more successful.

    Both clubs told me the exact same thing: Bring your passport and money to pay for the membership dues. I also brought my medical cannabis recommendation . I always feel safer knowing that I have a doctor & rsquo although it isn & rsquo; t necessary;s recommendation to use cannabis, even if laws differ from those in the home.

    Club Social Málaga and green City Seville both provided memberships for & euro; 30 each to me. That’s roughly $34 dollars to get a safe, comfortable, and friendly place buy and to eat cannabis.

    Visit Club Social Málaga

    So, How’s the Cannabis?

    I’ll be honest, the quality wasn’t anything mind-blowing, but it’s generally on par with what we believe mids here in the states–green and healthy with a subtle dusting of frost, but lacking any loud or complex terpene profiles. So I was excited to see that I had a few options, when you & rsquo; re away from home you can & rsquo; t be picky.

    They also had a number of different hashes, available between €10 and €25 a gram ($11 to $28).

    They had some Lebanese hashes, some charas from the foothills of the Himalayas, and lots of different Moroccan-style hashes. With Morocco right across the strait of Gibraltar, Spain has a supply of its traditional hashish.

    I bought some G13, which reminded me lots of the marijuana you’d find in the coffeeshops of Amsterdam–stoney and effective without being distinctively flavorful. I also snagged some OG Kush from Dinafem, which had a much sweeter citrus vibe than the dank, gassy pine tastes I’m used to from authentic OGs. After sharing a few of joints with some locals around the pub though not exactly what I’d have anticipated, I left the club high and happy.

    Find G13 Nearby

    Club Social Málaga was somewhat different because they only had one strain of flower and one type of hash. When I asked what we were smoking, I was simply told “Kush” and “Moroccan,” and while I prefer more options when looking for cannabis, it was nostalgic to be limited to whatever my “dealer” had available. It also reminded me of how lucky I am to have access to a diversity of strains at my fingertips.

    Find OG Kush Nearby

    I think you can find quality cannabis anywhere. Sometimes safe, easy access beats out quality, especially if you are traveling on a budget or in a region with cannabis laws that are restrictive.

    While the quality and consistency of cannabis in the Spanish clubs weren’t exactly what I was used to at US dispensaries, I was happy to have found like-minded individuals to share a few smoke with and also to find a place I could comfortably eat cannabis in an otherwise foreign land.

    I recommend that you check out the local cannabis clubs, if you are headed to Spain. If you find yourself in Málaga or Seville especially, make certain you stop by Club Social Málaga and Green City Seville and say hello to their staff.

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