Flying High: Aboard Canada’s First Cross-Country Flight With Cannabis

Flying High: Aboard Canada’s First Cross-Country Flight With Cannabis

Cannabis is officially legal in Canada and while rules, regulations, and retail options vary by province, 1 policy that applies to all Canadians is that domestic traveling with legal cannabis is allowed.

In the weeks before the legalization came into effect, Transportation Minister Marc Garneau declared that travellers flying within the country would be able to pack up to 30 grams of cannabis.

Therefore, while the rest of the country was celebrating this historical day by toking up, or more realistically, queuing up at stores, Leafly awakened with The MIX to test out the new legal limits for flying with cannabis.

The afternoon kicked off early as Kevin Parr, proud Canadian and The MIX’s Social Media Manager took a trip from Vancouver to Kamloops to secure legal cannabis at the province’s only legal outlet before taking his inaugural purchase through airport security and on a trip to Toronto via Calgary.

Parr ’s account, “if he laid his essentials out at the safety tray, which included of 28 grams of cannabis and an iPhone, safety was curious and casual. [Staff] ldquo, & noted ;Oh this is how it looks like. ” when checking out the packaging. ”

Parr landed in Toronto just before midnight on Wednesday night, to assert not only the honour of being the first man in the country to fly with legal cannabis… he might also be the first person in Ontario to smoke some as the people in the province patiently await deliveries after purchasing online from the OCS.

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