Ex-Police Chief Advises $1B Medical Pot Industry

The RCMP estimates the illegal marijuana market at more than $1 billion. The federal government is intent on destroying the sprawling cottage industry and replacing it with regulated, taxed commercial grow operations – creating huge business opportunities for early movers.

Umbral Energy (TSX-V:UMB) is one of the companies moving into this space. Its mandate is to identify under-capitalized assets with a moderate risk profile. Based on how quickly it is achieving its milestones, and the strength of the advisory team, UMB could be an agricultural company in the next 6-12 months, radically increasing shareholder value.

Recent successes in this space include medical marijuana producers Tweed which has a market cap of $100 million, Windfire Capital whose stock has increased 300% in the last 12 months and Affinor which has experienced 1000% share price increase in the last two months after declaring its intention to diversify into medical marijuana and industrial hemp.

On May 21, 2014 Umbral announced that it had signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with an unnamed private company and in return has received a business plan containing the details to produce and market several strains of medical marijuana.

“Currently there are only 12 or 14 companies in Canada that have a license to grow marijuana commercially,” states Jagdip Bal, President and CEO of Umbral in an exclusive interview with Financial Press. “The private company we signed the NDA with is going to engage in the licensing process.”

To read more, visit http://www.thestreet.com/story/12717247/1/former-police-chief-advises-1-billion-medical-marijuana-industry.html

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