Even Moms Are Attracted To The Business Of Marijuana

You look in here across this fragrant field of basil and you see three plants of marijuana, Jones said. And that’s a whole greenhouse of green. Growing edible herbs, this highly automated hothouse is poised to convert to a pot house in 48 hours if the company can win a grow license in New Jersey.

They’re also applying for a license in New York State, where Gov. Cuomo just made medical marijuana legal last year. James thinks their big business model a winner over smaller dispensaries that have already failed in the Garden State.

Bethanny Frankel of Real Housewives fame, plans to use her Skinny girl cocktail fame to launch a Skinny Girl marijuana guaranteed not to give you munchies. Even Wall Street wants in. We’ve seen overall industry do 15 to 45 billion dollars, Jones said.

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