FutureWorld Corporation (FWDG)

future-world-energy-inc-logoFutureWorld Corporation is a diversified company in the industrial hemp and medical cannabis sectors. The company operates through various subsidiaries to acquire, develop, and commercialize cannabis and hemp products.

The three featured subsidiaries in FutureWorld’s portfolio are HempTech, CB Scientific, and URVape.

HempTech provides proprietary technology solutions to industrial hemp and medical marijuana cultivators. These solutions include the SPIDer intrusion detector, the SmartSense data collection system, the CaNNaLyTiX analytics dashboard, the SmartNergy energy management system, and the CaNNaTRaK seed-to-sale tracking software.

Meanwhile, CB Scientific, alongside another subsidiary called MedTest, Inc, serve as the laboratory and analytics arms of the company. These divisions cater to cannabis patients and breeders, aiming to help them access pure and safe medicinal cannabis.

URVape is the FutureWorld division that offers the URVape brand of vaporizer pens. Currently, its vaporizers are only for oils, but the company announced that it will add more products, including vaporizers that accommodate dry herbs.

Aside from these three, other FutureWorld subsidiaries are DispenseTek and FutureFinance. DispenseTek offers the CaNNaBox machine, an automated medical marijuana dispenser. FutureFinance, on the other hand, provides CaNNaBit, a range of financial services such as currency exchange, payment processing, currency trading, and cash management.

FutureWorld was founded and incorporated in 2002; it formerly operated as Hathaway, Inc. In 2008, it became Isys Medical, Inc, and beginning 2009, it was FutureWorld Energy, Inc. It changed to its current name in July 2014.

The company now trades in the OTC market as FWDG, with a value of USD 10.88 M. The top executives at FutureWorld Corp are Saeed Talari, Chairman and Acting CEO; J. Marshall Batton, Co-founder and President; Bill Short, COO; Jacques Laurin, Co-founder and Consultant; and Douglass W. Wright, Co-founder.

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