Georgia Cops Called About Potential Domestic Abuse Arrest Actress Erica Mena For Weed Rather

Georgia Cops Called About Possible Domestic Abuse Arrest Actress Erica Mena For Weed Instead

Reality show celebrity Erica Mena’s roommate didn’t realize reporting an expected domestic abuse situation would send her to jail on charges of marijuana possession. On Friday night in John Creek, Georgia, witnesses in the house of this Love & Hip Hop cast member heard the sound of someone getting slapped upstairs. They decided to call the police and Mena and her boyfriend. Dixon was picked up for criminal trespass and Mena found herself led to jail when cops found “baggies of marijuana and possible THC wax in her bedroom and her kitchen,” reports TMZ.

Based on Source, Mena posted bail and is going to have a court date in a few weeks. She appears irate in her mugshot, which is a neutral reaction to the situation. Two individuals did confirm at the scene when Mena locked it to hide from him that Dixon had kicked down a broken door though the police found no marks on either Dixon or Mena related to the slap. When they found evidence that an adult woman dabbing and was smoking cannabis in her own house, cops seem to have been unable to hold their focus. No word yet on what impact officials believe such punitive actions towards potential abuse victims will have on domestic abuse reporting rates.

Georgia has had its current medical marijuana program since 2015, which authorizes the use of low THC cannabis oil. Prescriptions must be based on a list of intractable pain limited health conditions that was enlarged by the Senate in 2017 to include & ldquo & rdquo; and PTSD.

The house where Mena and Dixon’s arrests took place is situated some 27 miles outside of Atlanta proper, where marijuana was decriminalized through town councilperson Kwanza Hall’s 2017 ordinance. It’s not kept marijuana from being inspiration for police interference even within city limits though the law bars prison time of marijuana in Atlanta. Officers say a moving van with rapper Ty Dolla $ign inside had been pulled over in September as soon as they detected the odor of marijuana coming from it, resulting in the celebrity being taken into custody on drug charges. The rapper’s legal representation insinuated his celebrity cops to arrest Ty Dolla $ign while allowing the six other occupants of the car go without charges.

Mena was a regular on Love & Hip Hop: New York before going to Atlanta and linking town ’s cast for the series ’s seventh year. Irrespective of her travails over the weekend, she’s managed to keep a sunny outlook on social networking, commenting to Monday morning’s crowd on Twitter, “Feeling extra UP today! ”

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