Getting Rich in the Medical Marijuana Business (Or Die Trying)

stock-photo-27563723-medical-marijuana.jpgBob Calkin, 50, a cannabis hustler,  paces in front of a small stage, holding a microphone inside a conference room at a Sheraton Hotel in Miami. This Los Angeles-native with ’80s rock-band hair flies all over the US, charging people $299 a head to learn how to make a fortune dealing po — sorry, “dispensing medicine.” Before 9 o’clock on a Saturday morning, 150 wannabe marijuana barons have filed in for a ten-hour crash course put on by Calkin’s company, Cannabis Career Institute. He’s just raked in $45,000 for a day’s work. Making it big in the business of marijuana is going to take more than converting Junior’s bedroom into a greenhouse.

“If I was going to get a business license for my marijuana delivery service,” he tells the audience suggestively, “I would not put ‘marijuana delivery service’ on the form. That is incriminating myself unnecessarily on a public document. I would jot down ‘delivery of home health care products.’ It’s innocuous but honest.”

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