Hemp, Inc. (HEMP)

hempsymbolHemp, Inc., formerly known as Marijuana, Inc., supplies products, information, and services related to the medical marijuana industry. The company’s hemp-based products include cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products. Herbagenix supplements are among the hemp-based nutrition products developed and manufactured by Hemp, Inc. The supplements in Herbagenix product line have sufficient amounts of active ingredients to deliver the necessary effects and improved overall wellness.

The services offered by Hemp, Inc. are proprietary software for processing of transactions, loyalty program, social network management, MIS, and production of video content that deals with current events related to the industry. The company’s quest for content production has led to the creation of MarijuanaInc.TV website that produces high quality in-house production and offers controversial insights into the world of hemp and cannabis.

Hemp, Inc., a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, also provides information through its website that contains news, entertainment, issues, and education on medical cannabis issues. Their recently launched website is MarijuanaIncorporated.com. The company is committed to educating the public about hemp by quantifying the differences between marijuana and hemp, and not by disassociating hemp from cannabis.

Since the inception of the company in 2008, the company has developed a diversified business plan. As the company continues to grow, they reached the point where they need to narrow their focus. Many divisions of Hemp Inc. have developed very promising products that no longer match the company’s direction. Instead of missing the opportunity by closing these divisions, the Hemp, Inc. management chose to spin-off these companies.

Separating the spin-off companies from Hemp, Inc. would allow expert management teams in different industries to take over these companies, while Hemp, Inc. focuses on the hemp market for quick growth, and shareholders are given a percentage in the spin-off companies.

Hemp. Inc. is a publicly traded company under the stock symbol HEMP. Part of the company’s vision is foreseeing the potential benefits of industrial hemp and recognizing the profits in the rapidly growing medical marijuana industry.

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