Homeland Security Corp. (HSCC)

hscc_logo_website_tiffMany companies have recently expanded or crossed over to the booming marijuana industry, not only to directly handle the plant or sell to the public, but also to offer supporting services. Homeland Security Corporation has been providing security solutions since 2001, but has now created a new division to cater to the medical and recreational marijuana markets, as well as the hemp market.

The company emphasizes protection through mitigating threats and integrating new technologies. Its foremost products and services are for surveillance. One of the major products it has developed is the Advanced Crane Payload Surveillance System (ACPSS), designed to improve safety in work areas that use cranes. This system uses video feeds to increase load visibility for crane operators and display important load data.

Aside from these, Homeland Security Corp offers devices and systems for video surveillance and CCTV, audio surveillance, process monitoring, counter-surveillance, and thermal camera recording. It also has biometric systems, perimeter protection, access control, high-speed video, and alarm systems.

For the marijuana industry, and following its own study of marijuana facilities, Homeland Security Corp has created a division called HSC Surveillance to handle inquiries from cannabis businesses and organizations. HSC Surveillance is intended to answer the security and compliance needs in the industry. The company has stated that it is prepared to enter the market in Colorado and other states where marijuana is legitimized.

Homeland Security Corp was founded on September 12, 2001, and was formerly known as Caribbean Motor Works USA, Inc until 2005.

The company is currently traded in the OTC markets under the symbol HSCC, with a market value of USD 1.8 M. Its key executives include David L. Shade, Founder, CEO, and Chairman; Dore Perler, President; Ted C. Connolly, CFO; and Gary Williams, COO and Vice President.

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